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#1 Re: English Forum » Discussion of Infiltration video published 7th June 2022 » 2022-06-09 14:14:27

mitkobs wrote:

PK girls clearly gone psychotic, something is happening with them. What they do with such attack is not good at all. Can be that a person from Taygeta suddenly become such a vengeful passive aggressive character over personal disputes and disagreements.

According to the video, they're not from Taygeta. "Ester" was an imposter posing as Stella of Erra. They were deceiving us all along and got angry after their plan to get extracted failed. It sounds to me like Alahi was only being used to infiltrate the Toleka.

#2 Re: English Forum » Discussion of Infiltration video published 7th June 2022 » 2022-06-09 00:09:43

Exploringsoul wrote:

Who is Marina? I know Christina and Estella, the 2 girls running the YouTube channel Pleiadian Knowledge.

"Ester" and "Marina" are the names Gosia chose to substitute for Estella and Cristina in the video as to not use their real names.

#3 Re: English Forum » Discussion of Infiltration video published 7th June 2022 » 2022-06-09 00:07:44

Crystal Dragon wrote:

Don't take what I'm about to say as a statement or a solidified opinion, it is a line of questions that I just don't know the answers to. In this situation, the Taygetans have taken direct action against the perpetrators, and even against cabal members who were in league with the perpetrators. Can and will they only do this when their own society is threatened and when ET persons with links to Alcyone council societies are involved? What about the perpetrators of the genocide/reset plan, or the child rapists and murderers who harvest adrenochrome? Does anything go as long as long as their own society isn't threatened by it, or do they take other actions directly on humanity's behalf but it's too sensitive to disclose? Is humanity truly viewed as a civilization that needs help and guidance, or as a problem that needs to be contained?

It would be my guess that the Prime Directive doesn't come into play when defending one's self. It does when dealing with other civilizations. What Starlette was doing was a direct threat to Alenym herself and the Taygetan civilization.

It's also been said before that the biggest problem on Earth is not the controllers, rather the consciousness of humanity as a whole. We are manifesting our own nightmares. If you remove the monsters that run Earth, the consciousness that exists among the population that allowed them to gain that power in the first place is still there. You will only replace one monster with another.

Also, we can't assume to know what the Taygetans have done or haven't done beyond what we get told. None of us would've known about this had the PK girls never attacked Cosmic Agency.

#4 Re: English Forum » Discussion of Infiltration video published 7th June 2022 » 2022-06-08 18:20:54

Brahman wrote:

Isn't the information put out in the video (about cabal) in danger of being removed from youtube? I mean the Taygetans are in danger too. Otherwise the cabal puppets PK girls might notify them of this video since it concerns their involvement.

I imagine that a squabble between "contactees" is small potatoes to the Cabal compared to vaccines or the Ukraine, especially when it's mostly taking place in the Spanish-speaking world. I was a little surprised how many people in the comments had no idea who "Ester" and "Marina" even are.

#5 Re: English Forum » Is Mt. Taygeta in Greece the so called Mt. Olympus? » 2022-05-18 14:49:56

Gosia wrote:

Athena did tell us recently that it was ok to tell the people that Greek myths and some of the Greek "gods", that is THEM. We are planning to make a more detailed video on this topic. smile

Uncharted Universe wrote:

As stated above

I cannot wait for that video!

#6 Re: English Forum » Why are we called "broken shoes"? » 2022-05-12 15:35:43

"Broken Shoes" was a term that Swaruu 9 gave to people on Earth who feel disempowered. It was not that SHE believed the people to be broken, rather the "broken" was only a reflection of their own beliefs. Like it was pointed out above, the teaching was to remind people they are not powerless, they ARE Source.

#7 Re: English Forum » Spiritual growth--Acceleration through cross-pollination thread » 2022-05-07 02:47:17

microvirus6 wrote:

Tigerhawk- what kind of meditation would you recommend?

It depends on your intent. I've tried all kinds of different things. Guided meditations on YouTube are probably a good place to start until you get better control of your thoughts. Generally I just put earbuds in and listen to meditation music or I really like listening to Tibetan singing bowls too. I try to put forth an intent or have some kind of purpose before I start. Once in a while I strike gold and something profound comes to me. Often times I get nothing more out of it than a little rest and relaxation, which isn't a bad thing. Sometimes I will just breathe and place my mind on positive thoughts or something that makes me happy just to raise my vibration.

I'm hoping one day to be able to consciously start astral projecting, but I'm not there yet.

#8 Re: English Forum » Spiritual growth--Acceleration through cross-pollination thread » 2022-05-05 16:34:00

microvirus6 wrote:

For you personally, what is the ONE thing that has helped advance your spiritual growth the most?  (whether it be a daily practice, a resource, an idea, a service you perform, anything)

Oh gosh, it's hard to point to ONE thing. I've always said that my spiritual journey that brought me to this point has been like pealing layers to an onion. One thing leads to another. All this started for me back in 2008. I abruptly quit my job of 7 years, moved to another state (I live in the US), quit going to church (I had a strict Catholic upbringing), and started exploring alternative spiritual beliefs. I suspect that I came into this life via immersion in 2008.

If I have to pick one thing, I would have to say that meditation was crucial. It's helped to connect with my higher self. It's helped me retrieve memories of other incarnations. It's helped me to manifest things. It's helped me to manage my stress and get back into higher vibrations. There have been so many benefits. I only wish I had the time to meditate more often. For years I've highly recommended meditation to anyone. Mostly people say they don't like it because they can't quiet their mind. It does take practice. It's like a muscle that has to be exercised, but the benefits are well worth it.

#9 Re: English Forum » Exopolitics with Alenym of Temmer » 2022-05-05 16:12:21

Gosia wrote:

To be honest though, I dont even feel like responding more to comments like these, feeling a bit burnt out at the moment in general, and reading stuff like that in our own TAYGETAN FRIENDS ONLY forum feels like a stab. Quite honestly, Taygetans do not owe ANYTHIG to the humans, neither do I. I might stop my channel and delete all my content tomorrow, and save myself all this ungrateful hassle. And yes, you WILL be banned if this continues. I dont keep this forum so people can vent their overall frustration with life on Taygetans, one of few truly active ET races sacrificing themselves stuck in the orbit. It´s tiring and we all (them and myself) deserve to take care of ourselves for a change .... I wonder when we finally decide to let go. We so deserve it. Have been at it (helping humans) for eons (yes, myself as well... as it´s not my first incarnation being on/around Earth doing this kind of work. Just that this time I am doing this being inmersed). I so badly want to let go... of the need to be of help.

In my job I deal with people all the time who constantly bitch about whatever makes them unhappy and how unfair they think life is, yet they don't want to do a damn thing to help themselves. It's like all they want to do is sit and complain and wait for a better life to land on their head. It is exhausting to deal with, especially when you're trying to help them and it falls on deaf ears. The next time you see them they're making the exact same complaints and what you told them before had zero effect on them. It's frustrating as hell!

That being said, Gosia, just remember that there are still plenty of us who love you and the crew. We understand the work being put in and the message being put out. I feel nothing but love and appreciation for you, Alenym, Aneeka, the Swaruus, and everyone else working on this project and making the sacrifices. You are my star family.

#10 Re: English Forum » Pleadian Knowledge new video w/claims of fraud? » 2022-05-02 16:23:21

Gosia wrote:

It didn´t settle any doubts as I had none to start with smile It was just a nice and exciting plus.

I just wish you were able to tell us who you met and go into more detail about the experience.

#11 Re: English Forum » New video: "They Want to Vaccinate Everybody" on odyssey » 2022-04-30 08:39:37

DarkOwl wrote:

Remember folks, these are people... with feelings.
And Mari is young. Would you speak to your daughter in such a harsh dismissing tone?
Previous Swaruu's have felt the harshness of earthlings too much to bear at times.
Please be sensitive to those perhaps more empathic than yourself.

I was hoping to hear more from Mari. I've really enjoyed her brief interactions with Gosia. It would be sad to see her retreat because of our insensitivity.

I agree. Their willingness to communicate is already shaky after what happened with the PK girls. Aneeka is "taking a break." It sounds like the Swaruuians are the ones keeping communication alive. Probably not the best time to be hurling insults. That's a good point to mention the emotional toll it took on Swaruu 9 dealing with the negativity from people on the internet.

Gosia's reminder that Mari is a shy, self-conscious 14-year-old puts things in perspective. The people up in that ship are not perfect, but they are here of their own free will trying to help. They could say the heck with it and leave at any time.

#12 Re: English Forum » Dear forum members and visitors » 2022-04-28 03:01:22

DarkOwl wrote:
Bigfeet_E wrote:

I can consider myself as an older participant who has chosen to put this forum to the backburner. Certain elements has made me conclude this isn't as interesting personally anymore. Goes from topic choises to attitudes to long dreaded posts to the point of everlasting having to "discuss" every detail in to oblivion. Sometimes the vocabulary used made me feel i'd ended up in a politics arena. Wich to be blunt has a boring undertone in terms of livelyness. Over-mentalised might be a word to describe it.

This resonated with me.
Some people have a very mental approach to their delivery which for me loses interest very quickly. I almost never get into discussions about the Taygetan material with people because my head is already full, digesting the information, and i don't need the opinions of others to muddy the waters (Gosia being the exception because she brings clarity, not confusion to the table).

The people I resonate most with are those with a sense of humour (very! important), those that bring some emotional content to their posts, those that are brave enough to share their struggles and be a little vulnerable, those with a friendly manner about them. I guess I'm more interested in community building, rather than facts, figures and opinions that come from the head and not from the heart (over mentalised as you say).

I am in agreement with all of this.

#13 Re: English Forum » Questions to HRH Alenym? » 2022-04-27 15:27:27

Lurch wrote:

Could someone direct me to where the answer(s) are to any of these questions?

I think the idea behind this thread was Gosia gathering questions to ask Alenym for a future video. That video has not been released at this time. I'm sure Gosia still plans for it further down the road when she and Alenym have the time. Two very busy ladies.

#14 Re: English Forum » Religion: Enslavement? » 2022-04-27 15:12:02

DarkOwl wrote:

I was born into, and grew up in, a fundamentalist Christian cult.
It was hellfire and brimstone from the pulpit with a heavy emphasis on sexual 'morality'. We were taught that if we 'died in sin' we would go to hell to be tortured for ever and ever and ever (no second chances!).
I can tell you that when puberty kicked in what a total head-fuck that was! I used to lie in bed at night trying to fathom what an eternity without God would be like and thought way too much about torture for a child my age!
It took me a very long time to get over it (probably still am).

I had a very similar experience. Growing up my mom and stepdad joined a fundamentalist cult. All the members of this group were Catholics because they believed that the Roman Catholic Church was the one true church of Christ, but their group is not recognized by the Church. They're still members of this group to this day, but I walked away long ago and quit going to church all together back in 2008 (which is when I suspect I came into this life via immersion). Anyway, growing up all I heard was fire and brimstone and basically anything fun in life was a temptation of the Devil. I remember, for example, being an adolescent going to a Catholic school, being surrounded by cute girls in plaid skirts, and believing that my "desires" where going to cause me to burn in Hell. It is flat out mental abuse, and I was a miserable person.

#15 Re: English Forum » Religion: Enslavement? » 2022-04-27 03:31:21

I've never been one to tell people not to go to church. I realize that some people like it because it gives them a sense of community and belonging. I'm OK with that. That being said, I have no desire for any organized religion. I'm not interested in the idea of worshipping a deity that demands adoration, nor am I interested in anything that suppresses freedom of thought or freedom of choice, which I feel religion does. I don't need to be in church on my knees every Sunday to prove that I'm good person, nor do I need the threat of Hell to be reminded not to be terrible to other people.

Do I see religion as enslavement? Honestly, yes. It teaches nothing but disempowerment (Note that I'm only speaking of Christianity because that's what I grew up in. The Roman Catholic Church, to be exact.) telling you that you are separate from a vengeful god that will punish you for every mistake you make, that you are nothing without him and will burn for all of eternity without the salvation that their church can provide for you. Is their anything more cruel than to mentally abuse people, especially children, with the threat of eternal damnation?

#16 Re: English Forum » Dear forum members and visitors » 2022-04-26 15:05:51

07wideeyes wrote:

Tigerhawk's suggestions about a 'lighter-hearted' or more introductory section are worth considering, I feel. Especially as the forum has been in existence for a while now, there are some members who are completely at home with the deeper and weirder topics, and it may appear a bit daunting to some people who want to participate. For some, it's a big step, I guess.

Exactly. Some of us have been around for years now and know the CA material well. Others who are newer to it and don't have the same depth of knowledge (for example; we've been getting people coming in who first came into contact with this material recently via Gaia TV) come to the forum and might feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed. They might need a way to kind of ease in and get comfortable posting. An ice breaker.

#17 Re: English Forum » Dear forum members and visitors » 2022-04-26 06:23:00

mryang wrote:

7. I wished more people actually had their own personal photo as an avatar - I think that would be nice as it is uncommon in other forums.

And here I thought that I was doing everyone a favor not showing my ugly mug lol.

Most of the topics that get discussed here can be a bit deep or controversial. It's not always easy for people to feel comfortable speaking out on certain things or feel like they have anything relevant to add to the discussion. I'm only speculating.

Perhaps a way to get people more engaged is have a section where people can discuss more light-hearted topics or maybe people sharing a little more about themselves or their lives if they feel inclined to do so. It could help build a sense of community where people know each other better. People are more inclined to speak up around others who don't feel like strangers. Just a thought.

As for me, I check in on the forum pretty much daily just to see what's being talked about. I'm more of an observer than a talker. Just my personality.

#18 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen speaks about the Taygetans » 2022-04-26 05:54:52

Robert369 wrote:
Tigerhawk wrote:

Maybe you need to reread MY words.

Sorry, and I even quoted them correctly - my fault.

No worries smile

#19 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen speaks about the Taygetans » 2022-04-25 07:54:04

Robert369 wrote:
Tigerhawk wrote:

I dunno. At least Rich hasn't turned on Gosia.

Not sure where you got your impression from or if you missed that part, but he expressly recommended Gosia's content in an utmost positive way. I need to suggest to rewatch the video.

Maybe you need to reread MY words. I said he HASN'T turned on Gosia, unlike the PK girls. When I first saw he had posted a video I was holding my breath the way things have been going lately. Thankfully Rich always has been, and appears to continue to be a strong ally. It just looks like he's giving Kim Goguen a pass and chalking it up to a misunderstanding. I guess he has the right to interpret it how he wants.

#20 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen speaks about the Taygetans » 2022-04-24 19:42:26

Rich has been a strong ally of Cosmic Agency. I find his videos hard to listen to sometimes because he goes off on long random tangents and has a hard time staying on topic, but I normally agree with what he says. It does kind of sound like here he's doing some mental gymnastics to not have to pick sides in this dispute. I dunno. At least Rich hasn't turned on Gosia.

#21 Re: English Forum » Pleadian Knowledge new video w/claims of fraud? » 2022-04-23 00:50:07

Robert369 wrote:

This is wrong wish-thinking or twisting to make this place's handling appear as negative, because Gosia made clear several times what this place is about and why people are removed.

Not bothering to copy it for you, you can read it up on your own if you accept bursting your bubble.

I've got it here. The rules of the forum posted by Matias.

Matias wrote:

- Respect others.
- No Trolling or Insulting others.
- Post in your respective language.
- No advertising your own companys.
- No pornografic material, language or links.
- Individuals with activity history to stir unnecessary commotion with the view to question Taygeteans´ integrity will be removed.
- Refrain from heavily promoting other Taygetan forums/groups, and from recruiting THIS forum members to others.

Brake the rules and you will be banned. Zero tolerance for misbehaving.

There you have it, in case anyone wonders why the moderators ban who they do. At the end of the day it's Gosia's forum and she can run it however she wants.

#22 Re: English Forum » Pleadian Knowledge new video w/claims of fraud? » 2022-04-22 16:15:03

I've been involved in forums before where you had a hand full of people constantly arguing with one another and ruining the discussions for everyone else. People who don't want to argue get turned off and stop participating. Leave the agents of chaos to the comment section on YouTube.

#23 Re: English Forum » Pleadian Knowledge new video w/claims of fraud? » 2022-04-22 15:50:40

naringas wrote:
Aneeke wrote:

I see it as a direct attack against us. And I don't forgive them. They were released to hurt

Sounds like a lack of compassion (jeshua healing energy). Given the context this is understandable.

Also, I'm aware that talking about forgiving is much much easier than actually it. After all, I'm seeing all this go down from the sidelines.

Either way, seems like in spite of all their wisdom, these Taygetian ETs are still learning.

Gosia as said from the beginning that they're just people. They're not angelic beings of love and light, so they're not going to be perfect. They're also a very emotional race and this looks like a very emotional "heat of the moment" response from Aneeka. Like you said, given the context, it's understandable.

naringas wrote:

Finally, I'm pretty sure that banning and deleting certain "adversarial" stuff (like I've already seen happen in this forum) is not an effective way to deal with such "negativity". On the other hand, I cannot think of a clearly better way; but even so, I insist that moderating them away is bad practice because...

As I understand things, this is a forum which means part of its purpose is to store "history" which includes silly (nonsensical) flame wars and conversations that go nowhere. This makes it different from "published" (produced, edited, postproduced) writtings and videos.

The problem is there are people who are actually paid to come on this forum to troll and create discord.

#25 Re: English Forum » Pleadian Knowledge new video w/claims of fraud? » 2022-04-21 16:06:34

Gosia wrote:

And let me use this situation to demonstrate the point I tried to convey already years ago: as soon as we provide photos, controversies will begin. Accusations of them being fake, porn dancers, CGIs, and who know what else. Thats why providing the photos is a delicate matter and to be honest, does seeing their photos really prove anything? If Athena shared her photos, its to get closer to the people, so they can put a face to the information, but as you can see... is it really worth it? Do you understand now why none of us wanted to share photos before?

Oh, I totally get it, Gosia. Anything can be faked today with the right software. Heck, I can do some pretty good photoshop work and I'm not a pro. The photos really muddied up the water for Billy Meier and that was before photoshop and CGI even existed. It doesn't help that they look just like Earth humans so it's way too easy for people to dismiss them as frauds. Even meeting face-to-face, I remember Rashell saying Eisenhower accused her of being a German and not an ET.

The photos are fun to see and it's nice to have faces to go with the names. But this contact is about the information, not the photos.

You can let Athena know that, at least for me, the photos do make me feel closer to them and I appreciate the effort she's putting in.

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