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#1 Re: English Forum » Is the COVID narrative about to pivot dramatically? » Yesterday 19:32:48

07wideeyes wrote:

As far as the Hammersmith, London, case - the 'full investigation' - goes: somebody I know here in northern Scotland phoned the Hammersmith police yesterday (Thursday) to find out the situation. She was told that, yes, the case is still open, on the books, it hasn't been thrown out.

Thanks very much for that 07. It's always great to get intel from people we know and trust (like yourself) smile

#2 Re: English Forum » Is the COVID narrative about to pivot dramatically? » Yesterday 08:22:41

The brakes are definitely being put on!

EU regulators, WHO call for end to COVID boosters, citing evidence strategy is failing … s-failing/

#3 Re: English Forum » Arrival of ships around Ganymede » Yesterday 01:01:13

It's worth pointing out here, that in the latest CA video about the Karistus, it was mentioned that the claimed meeting at Jupiter (Salla, Danaan between Federation members and certain Earth delegates (including Musk, Bezos etc.) didn't happen (this according to the Karistus themselves via the Taygetans)

My default position on the claim in the OP is to be highly sceptical until proven otherwise.

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I wouldn't trust anything that comes out of the heavily compromised Dr. Sallas mouth.
And James Gilliland is just as bad and spreading the same dis-info about the liberation of the Moon, Mars etc.

From my view, Gosia and co. are the only ones in the disclosure community who are not compromised in some way. Corey Goode is in alignment with a lot of what the Taygetans say but there are obvious mind control devices used in his videos of late and something feels a little off.

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07wideeyes wrote:

Just a wee note..... Over recent days I have noticed the tendency for 2 broad groups to appear, with the news that, well, certainly something is changing. There is the 'Time to party party' group. And there is the 'It's all part of the plan' group. I humbly suggest that both may be somewhat wide of the mark.

The party-party attitude seems to ignore any knowledge of the past 6000 years or so of human history, with the continual brutality in the direction of the mass of human beings. The 'part of the plan' people are unwittingly projecting powers of omniscience onto the cabal, considering them to be unstoppably 'in control of the narrative' which they are not, since there are factors that they cannot control, indeed do not even have on their radar. For example, the spontaneous genius which comes with true connection with Source or some other really higher aspect.

I think we can be truly happy that there may be light in the tunnel re. the papaya mandates, and all the other convid restrictions. We can feel confident and encouraged that the unwavering attitudes of folk such as those who inhabit this forum has had an effect. It may be a battle in process of being won, but the war is not over, no way. So we should simply maintain the attitudes and frequency into what will hopefully be a fruitful future. Thanks for your reports here, esp Tyndlar and Dark Owl   xx

Very well said 07. Totally agree.
If the narrative collapses we can take that as a win (a battle, not the war) but it's no time to party. We will have even more work to do as the mind control and dis-info steps up, controlled opposition takes centre stage and attempts are made to heavily steer the awakened community.
And as for "it's all part of the plan". I agree the cabal are nowhere near omniscience. In fact they have huge blind spots. They don't understand us. I think the huge explosion of people waking up has genuinely taken them by surprise (hasn't it taken us all by surprise!)

We shouldn't rest until those at the very top of the food chain are arrested and tried (human or non-human). It's pedal-to-the-metal time!

#7 Re: English Forum » Other channelers/contactees authentic or fake » 2022-01-20 04:12:59

Corey Goode just posted this in the comments of his latest 'briefing' with a link to the Megan Rose video Darja posted above.

Corey Goode:

These people came together and created this narrative and asked me to join. They said the community needed a hopeful narrative during this dark time. But, now that narrative is falling apart. Much more to come I am told - … gD-VYGuRw4

Perhaps the 'implant hack' narrative is so they can backtrack on some of dis-info that they've been putting out.
I'd say the Taygetans have a lot to do with the narrative falling apart.
This'll be fun to watch play out smile

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Darja wrote:

"pledge the allegiance" may in fact mean that they will hand over things and will be allowed to leave Earth through the portal in Anctartica. So the question is if they were offered this or not.
Megan says that this never happened and will never happen, Elena says it is so..
But from that video I feel like Swaruu will also debunk such agreement.

Maybe Megan will now ally with Gosia and Corey Goode against ED+Alex Collier and Michael Salla?

Megan is still promoting the idea that the Moon and Mars have been liberated.
The Taygetans say not so (as does Corey Goode)
I'm not sure she'll be joining them anytime soon.

Liberation of Earth, Worlds, and Planets - What does the Taygetan/Swaruu Team have to say?

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Darja wrote:

Megan Rose revealed today Elena's Danaan implant is hacked and info she receives is not from true Council of 9 and GFW.
She also debunked that the elites will be pardoned their crimes in case they undo their black magic.
Gosia, could you ask on the meeting in Anctartica in December and the supposed deal between the cabals and Galactic Federation?

Any discussion about the Federation is incomplete without first digesting what the Taygetans have to say about it (which is a lot!). Gosia has a whole playlist dedicated to the subject. … ljYNAF6QGI

Megan Rose also has an implant. Personally I wouldn't trust anyone receiving their information this way (and it's completely unnecessary as the Taygetans have successfully demonstrated). I don't see why she is any less manipulated than Danaan. (but will be interesting to see where this goes)

And the Taygetans on the Antartica meeting:

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Tyndlar wrote:

Yes! From today there has been a data leak that the mandates are no longer supported by evidence or data, so are now going to be disproportionate.

All covid restrictions in England are being removed!

There was apparently an announcement on the 18th mentioning that the Hammersmith police won’t be investigating the vaccine, so I can’t find any evidence online that this is yet happening. I can’t locate that case number on the Case Tracker for civil appeals website, where you can look up case numbers like this if it is real. If it is can someone link it here, there’s 196 results I’m looking through and hoping!

They cannot legally force the mandate with the information that has now come through though too.

Saying that… I see people reporting today that other countries are dropping the vax mandates, so England will follow too.

I hope this does get investigated soon, I see news of young children dropping dead suddenly and normally healthy people too, it’s sickening.

"All covid restrictions in England are being removed!" … trictions/

By Lily Zhou of the Epoch Times

Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home requirements will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday.

Thanks for investigating the Hammersmith case Tyndlar. Keep us posted if you find anything.

The phone number on the mobile phone used by the woman in the first video posted, came up as St Richards Hospital, Chichester if anyone in the UK wants to investigate that one further.

#11 Re: English Forum » Pleiades was taken over by AI? » 2022-01-19 08:34:46

Darja wrote:

@Dark from which day is the snapshot above?
What does she mean by "All my Fucks were abducted"?
Corey says all she says is wrong. Interestingly, same says Alex the lyran contactee in his episode 41

I can't answer the first two questions. Plus I'd rather not speculate on the contents of ED's head, especially here.
Corey is the only other big-name disclosure guy I know of who is calling out the lies and dis-info in the disclosure community.
He had this to say recently in a comments section. The question to him:

Why is Corey the only one saying this? The whole UFO / Spiritual community seems to be on the same page these days. Everyone is expecting that disclosure will happen this year. New technologies to be given to humanity soon. Good’s story seems to be completely different from everyone else.

Corey Goode's response

There is a reason they are on the same page. They approached me and wanted me to do the same. Can you imagine a group of researchers and supposed contactees getting together to create a more hopeful narrative for the 'good of the community? I don't think it gets any more compromised than that. I watched all of these people go from demanding Full Disclosure no matter how nasty it is to be in a fetal position begging for hopeful stories.

#12 Re: English Forum » Pleiades was taken over by AI? » 2022-01-19 07:39:21

crystallinemister wrote:

Aren't Elena Danaan's Pleiadians supposed to be AI or biological androids or something like that? I've even seen the Ancient Aliens program try to frame the current human race as biological androids. I think this comes from cabal agenda, not from any kind of actual truth.

You are correct. ED = cabal agenda!
And selling t-shirts that say "Hopium Is My Dope" and "All My Fucks Were Abducted" (whatever the hell that means but sounds as creepy as she is!)
My apologies for posting this awful photo but sometimes the fascination-with-the-abomination prevails LOL


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Darja wrote:

@Dark there is already a thread with Covid-19 here

I'm aware of that. I thought this news was big enough to have its own thread. But thanks smile

#14 Re: English Forum » Is the COVID narrative about to pivot dramatically? » 2022-01-19 00:40:07

More evidence?

UK: Police launch major investigation into mRNA covid ‘vaccine’ related corporate crimes and threats to public health … ic-health/

Video of woman informing local police stations across the UK of the recently filed investigation to Hammersmith CID - case number 6029679/21 in relation to the deliberate mass harm including deaths, caused by the Covid vaccine across the UK. … lice-.html


#15 English Forum » Is the COVID narrative about to pivot dramatically? » 2022-01-18 22:19:48

Replies: 24

There are a number of signs the COVID narrative is going to change dramatically in the near future. The best evidence of that is a recent phone call to the NHS where the caller is told that "new information" has come to light and that the vaccine program is going to be shut down.

Br. Bugnolo released a video a few days ago saying he believed the controllers would allow the truth to come out (although a heavily controlled version of the truth) and that certain keys players would be thrown under the bus. And yet the narrative will be even more tightly controlled. … plandemic/

This is obviously huge news if true!

#16 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-01-18 05:17:19


This is a very intriguing video that makes a lot of sense.
Huge if true but it means we will need to be more alert than ever.
Do others think he is on to something here?

EDIT: this new video from Hugo Talks would confirm the above hypothesis if the phone-call to NHS is real. Sound legit to me. This is very big news if true!!

#17 Re: English Forum » USSR Alien Races Book confirms Pleyadiyans from Erra near star Taygeta » 2022-01-15 23:38:49

ChazSedona wrote:

too bad we can't post screenshots here.

Images can be posted here.
Here's one way:

#18 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-14 03:41:45

Meridianwoman wrote:


I posted the link about the Special Report from Kim Goguen, as a means to share intersting new information
and to help build consciousness.  It wasn't meant to challenge anyone.

Dark Owl, when you say dividing statements such as 'opinions are polarized on this forum,' I question your background on the topic.

Would you rather never knowing about what's being done about the present problems on this planet? 

And just because our celestial friends the Taygetan, haven't said anything yet about this yet, doesn't mean they are 'polarized' or taking sides.   Polarity or duality, is a human thing. 

By claiming 'polarized opinions', ... aren't those words a bit divisive in this forum?

Other people in this forum are open to learning new stuff. without becoming immediately becoming 'polarized' or needing 'consent' of new information or new ideas.

By polarised I meant, some here like Kim G... others think she is not who she says she is (I guess there are others who haven't made their minds up yet).

The Taygetans can't be polarised because (as you said) they haven't given their opinion yet.

Opinions here re. Kim G are divided. That's just a fact. I don't see it as divisive and I don't see our differing opinions needing to divide us (we're all trying to work this out together)

I've known about Kim for many, many years now (back when Tank was doing livestreams on those steps). I haven't invested a huge amount of time into it I admit, because I came to the conclusion back then (and recently when I've revisited her) that if she's the real-deal, she hasn't provided the proof I need to believe her. And despite her anti-hopium /become-self-empowered rhetoric, she is still spreading hopium!

Just my opinion. I've been wrong more times than I can count. As the saying goes... "prove me wrong"

#19 Re: English Forum » Swarru et al know Kim Goguen's work? » 2022-01-13 23:23:16

Kahi Harawira wrote:

So no, I can decline to accept the proposition advocated by Kim because it is nothing more than just another attempt to make us not do anything for ourselves, make us not think for ourselves and to make us dependent by tempting us with promises which will never be kept and which are in fact, false.

But thank you for bringing the matter to my attention

I'm of the opinion your assessment re. Kim G is correct Kahi.
Opinions about Kim G are polarised on this forum.
For the record, the Taygetans have not said anything about her (nor would I expect it anytime soon). The presence of her material on this forum is not an endorsement!

Knowing Kim G's galactic origins and what race/s she is connected to would help. "From the source" doesn't cut it IMO.
Has she divulged this info at all?

#20 Re: English Forum » Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown » 2022-01-12 05:52:56

lostsole wrote:

Well, I just read the latest Aneeka graphene message and think I slipped down a few pegs of hope. Sigh...

But, thanks for asking those questions regardless Robert. Better to have a realistic view than false unicorns and rainbows.

This is from a conversation Robert had with Aneeke a few days ago in Spanish (translated below). Not sure if that is what you read but I am including it for others to read.


Despejando Enigmas
09 January 2022
Video link.- … nt=channel

Anéeka of Temmer.- You know what? I cannot answer questions about enzymes and cancers in detail if I do not have study subjects and laboratory samples from the subjects. I only have computer models, simulations, which, although detailed, are not the “terrain”, like a map it is not the terrain.

Robert.- I can imagine Anéeka.

Anéeka of Temmer.- What I see is that they ask if it has the same etiology, graphene. So they want me to provide solutions at the cellular chemical level of the patients to help them, and there I have no information to share. What I must say as an explanation is that the vaccine with all its components will make it more evident with all its components or will attack the weak points of each person where they already had a previous problem, the symptoms will manifest there. Then each person will react differently, they will have different symptoms to the vaccine, and since they are different they will not relate it to the vaccine as the cause, but everything comes from there.

Robert.- Each person will react differently.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Again, and with all good intentions, they want to help each patient individually, it is understandable, but they keep trying to solve the symptoms, not solving the cause, and the cause is the vaccine. If you don’t want that result, then don’t put it in, period. But with all my technology there is not much I can do from here.

Robert.- But they should know that once vaccinated there is no going back, of course! Do not do it, period.

Anéeka of Temmer.- It is what we have shouted for more than a year.

Robert.- Yes, you don’t do miracles, besides the vaccine is VOLUNTARY.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Once set, it is a constant progression of accumulation of evils until the final outcome: DEATH, and we cannot reverse it even from here. The vaccine is designed to cause a progressive collapse of the human body, the fact that some die immediately is testament to how toxic it is, but the intention by design of the vaccine is a progressive accumulation of diseases throughout the body over time leading to death. Time and type of evil that will depend on each subject, progressively manifesting in their personal weak points, so if a person has chronic kidney problems, it will manifest there first, and those with heart problems, there, and those with immunological or diabetic problems those problems will increase.

Robert.- Yes, and the more doses you take, the faster all that will go.

Anéeka of Temmer.-That’s right, exactly.

Robert.- The solution is not to get vaccinated. There are no silver bullets.

Anéeka of Temmer.- We also saw something, you will understand why it is delicate. We found that there is an apparent degradation of active graphene in the body, but we do not know to what degree. According to other researchers that we saw looking for reference for what we saw here in the computerized model, graphene degrades after three months, which is why they push to put in more doses.
The problem is that if people know this they will say that getting vaccinated is not that bad, the problem is this too, and this is information from our Toleka laboratory, not from human sources: It is not that there is a degradation of graphene, as indicated by the terrestrial data that even share a body mechanism with which it is eliminated, wrong by the way, according to our data. It is not a degradation of the injected graphene, but rather that the material or the amount of the injected graphene has been assimilated or has found its place in the tissues of the human body, so they need more doses to cause the total change of the DNA in a more accelerated way and not with the normal process of cell duplication.
So the graphene is not degrading, it has only been attached to the tissues and they need to put more into people so that there is a saturation of the material in the cells. Then young people will have a greater chance of being able to assimilate the genetic change and become soulless, remotely controlled biological robots, while the elderly and weak, or those with genetic or physical problems will be destined for extermination. With this, the type of biology or the type or human genetic variant that can assimilate the transhumanist change is filtered, filtering them from the rest of the Lyrian human population.
In other words, the vaccines are destined to find those who have certain genetic characteristics that are useful to the controllers. And those are the ones that have an affinity with the reptilian races and Maitré among other variants and with other names like Vlash, for example, making people their hybrids and under their control. It is a filtering system to exterminate and remove the seeds of the so-called positive races from the Earth and leave only the human components that are genetically related to themselves, do I explain myself?

Robert.- Yes, there will be regressive seeds that will be compatible with those vaccines. This is an invasion.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Graphene is not being degraded, it is being used as designed and more material is needed. So, already said like this, with this information already more complete, I think that it could be said to the public. The tricky part is that they do not end up thinking that because it degrades it is safe if they put it in more than three months ago, because it is not like that. A single dose can be lethal and will depend on who is inside.

Robert.- And clearly say that there is no remedy once inoculated. Yes, who’s in these bio suits. Well, graphene doesn’t break down, it adapts and finds a place in the body and needs more and more doses.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes.

Robert.- Let them see that this is bad. DO NOT GET VACCINATED ANY MORE. No one is going to be responsible for the side effects since it is VOLUNTARY and that they are going to continue vaccinating them because their bodies need more graphene so that they can mutate faster.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Saying that the body eliminates it is irresponsible. I do not doubt that it eliminates it to some extent, the body from the beginning tries to do that, and it will eliminate a portion, but not all, and the rest is that which has already adapted and entered the cells, and the surplus that they would detect since the body is eliminating it, is that which has already fulfilled its mission.

Robert.- And one question: do you know what graphene index the body supports before suddenly

Anéeka of Temmer.- It depends on each organism. There is no index, for some the simple contact with a vaccinated person, with whatever the little that is passed by the rubbing of the cheeks in a greeting kiss can be fatal, for others they need more doses, many injections and all that, It depends on the biology of each person.

Robert.- Yes, it will come out like the Morgellons*, through the eyes and on any side or part of the body.

Anéeka of Temmer.- In part they are, yes, the body trying to eliminate graphene. Once vaccinated there is no solution. It is that they fight against specific symptoms that appear in each vaccinee, when the problem is complete and total, it is not my fault, but the truth is that they are far gone.

(*) Morgellons disease or syndrome
Also known as: skin creeping disease
A controversial and poorly understood skin condition characterized by the presence of small fibers embedded or
emerging from the skin. Treatments can help control the disease there is no known cure. Infrequently requires lab tests or scans May last for years or a lifetime

* * *

Transcribed by an Toni Ruiz of Sociedad Taygeta Documentary Fund … oup_header
English translation by SpaceMonkey of Taygetean Disclosure - English Transcripts

#21 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-01-11 01:42:32

Albert wrote:
Robert369 wrote:
Albert wrote:

A few days ago Simon Parkes had written that we should see white hat activity this month…

From what I saw so far - and it got confirmed by various others -, Parkes is just a Cabal clown too, e.g. similar to BF. It is easily seen that his "information" (of which he provides little useful) is mostly hopium and "wait for a liberator" instead of self-empowering and taking own action.

I am hip to what he is. However, like Ben and others, there is useful bits of information mixed in that we have to sift out. Most of us know that lies are often wrapped (sugar coated) in truth to make them easy to swallow. Simon does have an organization called Connecting Consciousness that is growing and helping people. So he is more than a source of information for many. Simon is still pro Trump and has been a huge champion of the Don, even though Trumps stock has dropped hard recently.

His style is excellent, he comes off as a well mannered, even tempered, proper gentlemen which lends itself to credibility. However, my warning flags went up during a Q and A session on the topic of pediphiles and child trafficking, a little under a year ago.  He was asked about Tommy Robinson, the guy in England on a crusade to expose muslim child trafficking. Simon immediately shifted a bit from his even style and began to call Tommy all sorts of names, saying he disrupts the justice system, has convictions so he no good, and should never be listened to or take seriously. Yes, he has convictions but without context it is hard to judge - hitting a cop while resisting arrest is one of his horrible crimes. Anyway. My point is that  Simon’s reply did not address the crimes Tommy was exposing, but instead did a rather vicious character assignation, which seemed out of character for him, so my guard went up. I wondered what that was all about.

So I am hip to him, and your overall point, that he is another Hopium dealer is, based on his track record, undeniable!

YouTuber, M Seeker Of Truth has done some great videos exposing Simon Parkes.
At best, he's a dishonest opportunist. At worst, cabal agent.
His latest scam was trying to sell fake healing technology (called Biomedis) on the back of promises medbeds are coming. M did a show with Jordan Sather about it.
There is a rather large group of hopium dealing scam artists in the so-called 'truth' community. Parkes is one of them. … n%20parkes

#22 Re: English Forum » New movie: Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe » 2022-01-11 00:48:23

That was a very instructive video Kian369. I loved your explanation of gravity which was new to me.
I might sit down to watch your FESIG chat on anti-gravity later. You teach well smile … avity-of:b

#23 Re: English Forum » Specifics of ET Communication Method » 2022-01-10 05:38:36

Cosmic Sea wrote:
DarkOwl wrote:
Cosmic Sea wrote:

Hi Gosia and others on this thread, I'm not sure I understand the 'apparent secrecy' here or am I missing something?. You say 'we did not use Discord but another..'. Ok, which one then?

Is this about empowerment of all the humans/starseeds, supporting the human race or is it about; 'specialness'? I'm likely missing something as I surely feel from Gosia and team a genuine integrity, but also with today's wild/crazy/information flying around...???? I prefer 'transparency' where possible...just sayin'.

It's a security thing. Privacy.
They don't really want anyone to come looking for them or encourage that.
There's no need to know. It's not important at all smile

Ok, I could point out that you sound like a 'shill', to divert questions and so forth. Not saying that that IS the case, but ?????

As we are all here playing 'special relationships' humanity is being murdered.

You've misunderstood.
Why do you need to know? Do you pry into the communications methods of anyone else? It's kind of rude to ask then insist. Just saying hmm

This is not a game. Information is being delivered that steps on some peoples toes and so it's wise to take precautions.
Not sure why you're not getting this.

Anyway, if it's Discord or WhatsApp or Messenger or GalacticChat, what difference does it make? I don't know what they use and don't see it as any of my business.

#24 Re: English Forum » Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown » 2022-01-10 03:40:46

Thanks for such a great first post, lostsole, and welcome! smile

First off, I think you should relax re. the graphene in everything and putting yourself in the same boat as the vaxxed. There is obviously something in the papayas that is much more harmful. It seems they are installing an operating system via the shots. The graphene in products may support that system but is not the system itself (is my laymans take on it). We're not all doomed ;-)

I'm really sorry to hear about your mother! I lost my mother recently but not via the shot. That's a horrific story! There really is a continuous stream of (usually private) horror going on right now.

We're all going to need to get used to death and people we love dying. It's already heartbreaking and will continue to be, but hearts that break can also break open, and that's what this planet needs most right now.

The solution is non-compliance. With everything that is not supportive of freedom.
The solution is community and support networks, in real life, not just on the internet. If you are not part of a group making this happen in your area, find one or start one yourself. Find one other person, have clear intent, and the rest will magnetise to you.

Relax about death as well. There won't be any Greys to divert you when you die. You'll go where you are a frequency match so make sure you cultivate your frequency in a positive direction now and you'll be just fine smile
(keep watching the Taygetan material. It'll help you lose the fear and uncertainty of that big unknown)

Much love to you x

#25 Re: English Forum » Specifics of ET Communication Method » 2022-01-10 03:06:00

Cosmic Sea wrote:
Gosia wrote:

False. We did not use Discord but another very popular platform. Please before posting, be sure, or say: I THINK. Thank you. smile

Flake wrote:

If you watched all videos you could hear Discord notifications oftentimes.

Taygetans used Discord also within Dufes where Gosia Robert started according to info provided by Cinna May.

Hi Gosia and others on this thread, I'm not sure I understand the 'apparent secrecy' here or am I missing something?. You say 'we did not use Discord but another..'. Ok, which one then?

Is this about empowerment of all the humans/starseeds, supporting the human race or is it about; 'specialness'? I'm likely missing something as I surely feel from Gosia and team a genuine integrity, but also with today's wild/crazy/information flying around...???? I prefer 'transparency' where possible...just sayin'.

It's a security thing. Privacy.
They don't really want anyone to come looking for them or encourage that.
There's no need to know. It's not important at all smile

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