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07wideeyes wrote:

As described by John Lamb Lash, the Gnostics were onto the same phenomena long ago. They talked about the archons (roughly equivalent to what we sometimes term AI) as impostors on the scene. They are not part of the natural order of things, but are negative parasitical inserts. They are humanity's enemy.

John Lamb Lash's book 'Not In His Image' is one of my all time favs.
It's one of the best retelling of the Gnostic narrative IMO and one of the most damning exposes of the Abrahamic religions I've read.
A real page turner!

#2 Re: English Forum » Yazhi is back in communication » 2022-10-04 01:02:10

I'm very glad Yazhi is back as well!
That news made my day big_smile
xoxoxoxo ❤️

#3 Re: English Forum » Ronin » 2022-10-04 00:59:08

Crystal Dragon wrote:

The only soul contracts and pre-incarnative plans I will still honor are those that lead to my personal fulfillment and happiness both within this incarnation and beyond. Liberating myself and living how I want is the most effective way to even begin to attempt to liberate Earth.

I came to exactly the same conclusion this year. My worry and stress levels have plummeted and life has started to unfold in a much more synchronistic manner as a result.

Crystal Dragon wrote:

I have found one other starseed who truly reflects my ideals and holds the same beliefs and understandings. The miraculous synchronicities and divine guidance in my life have led me on a very specific path towards simple yet profound happiness and fulfillment against the odds and challenges, to create the bubble reality and life that I want right here in this lifetime.

The power of two aligned starseeds is much, MUCH greater than the sum of their parts! So much can be achieved! I'm very happy you've found this Dragon. smile

#4 Re: English Forum » What are the sigils for? » 2022-09-14 04:45:50

A question was put to Swaruu about the use of 'symbols' (sigils) to help achieve desired outcomes.

Question: by Monica: Should we use symbols (drawings, photos, graphics, etc.) of what we want to achieve to fix our intention and attention?

Swaruu: Yes, what you say works, use drawings or photos of something you want or want to achieve if it helps you focus. But this also depends on your visu- alization capacity, because if it's a lot, then the images can be irrelevant.

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A sigil is a magical symbol that represents an entity, an egregore or a desired outcome in a magical working.
In the case of entities, the sigil will attract the entity it represents to you.
Is is ok? Depends on who you want to attract and for what purposes. That's for you to decide smile

Yazhi warns against the use of 'demonic' names, especially repeatedly. The use of certain sigils would come with the same warning, I should say.

#6 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-09-09 21:03:22

Genoveva wrote:
KundaliniEnergiasLlegando wrote:

I have data to put here,to when could be useful in a Contactee Video.

Kundalini,is the Real DNA Activation.We are now entering a Energetic
Zone,Exploded Supernova,Satya Yuga.If you dont have Original Human Blood
you cant awaken,because you blood is only 3D Blood.You needed Original
Human blood at least some of it.With Khechari Mudra,you force yourself
to enter 7D Earth,is the only option for people with some original human
blood.The Soul is Developed.One can ascend,or become dust.

I put this text stuff,to when could be useful.I ask for tolerance,i am, a autist,and that
could be a advantage,in some cases.

How do you do khechari mudra?

This is one of the best teachers for Khechari Mudra and all aspects of Kriya Yoga.
I've played around with Khechari. It has a definite and immediate effect for me of increasing concentration and stimulating energy flow. Make sure you gargle with salt water before sticking your tongue up into your brain (lol). It will reduce irritation. Enjoy smile

#7 Re: English Forum » The Health Sphere » 2022-09-08 05:03:23

Edith_S wrote:
DarkOwl wrote:

Thank-you Edith for this goldmine of a thread!
I went and saw a very good naturopath today which will be the beginning of a journey to optimal health. I keep fit and eat well but there are a few things that need support. I'll be combing through this thread more thoroughly looking for gems.
Thanks once again ❤️

You are most welcome, DarkOwl! If there's something of concern, just ask and I shall do my best to help !

Thanks very much Edith! smile
My naturopath appointment went very well. He did a very thorough job assessing me and I've been on my new supplements and vitamins for about 10 days now and I feel great!! Heaps more energy, vitality, strength and a clearer head. He wasn't cheap but worth every penny so far!

In a few weeks I will be seeing a colleague of his who uses the QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback machine (a machine that reads an extraordinary wide variety of dissonant frequencies in the body and employs 'destructive frequency interference' to neutralise them).

Have you (or anyone) come across these machines or used one? They sound like the precursor to a med-bed. Am very curious to try one!

#8 Re: English Forum » Book of Cosmic Agency transcripts » 2022-09-07 20:57:13

Jupiter wrote:

Thank you.

This also makes it easier to do more advanced search. Although I noticed that if you put the phrase you are looking for in double quotes the search engine on works well too. It's when you don't put it in double quotes that it searches for every word and not the phrase.

That is a superb tip. Makes life much easier! Thanks smile

#9 English Forum » Book of Cosmic Agency transcripts » 2022-09-06 23:24:02

Replies: 5

James Erith from Telegram has put together an e-book of all 333 Cosmic Agency transcripts to date (2500+ pages!). Thank-you, sir!!

James Erith wrote:

Now over 1,000,000 words!  WOW!
While Gosia and Matias sort themselves out, I'm delighted to tell you guys that I've updated the ebook of their transcripts. (333 so far).
It's called "Lessons from the Skies" and the ebook is available from the link below.
This book is of course FREE!
Download a copy for your e-reader, desktop, your phone, or in pdf (which you can store so you have a human guidebook for navigating the universe if the world goes cosmically tits up).
Over a million words equals at least 4+ huge volumes so this is an incredible achievement (and this is just in English!)

Here's the magic link:

If you have any difficulties downloading please reach out to the distributors and not me! And please remember that "Lessons from the Skies" is not to be profited from or copied, or abused... or one of the Swaruus might beam down and sort you out! Geddit?

NOTE: once you sign in to the e-reader app, you can download the file as PDF, EPUB etc. or just read it in the cloud smile

#10 Re: English Forum » The Great Reset » 2022-09-05 01:45:05

07wideeyes wrote:

Jumping about like a grasshopper now... but somewhere else, a few days ago, you mentioned how the topic of 'Gaia' isn't very popular on the forum. True, it's not spoken about very much, but it could be, in my view. There is an animistic kind of thread woven into some of the material: everything is alive. It is said many times that 'everything has a consciousness'. Or, closer to the mark, 'everything has consciousness'. Or even closer, 'everything is consciousness'. This includes planets, galaxies etc. Given that we are currently living, in our 3D version at least, on planet Earth, I would consider that the nature of its (her?) consciousness is deserving of attention.

I'm in agreement with this.
I have a very animistic/shamanic worldview and have found the Taygetan material very supportive of, and in alignment with, this view.
(and agree that Gaia is something that could be considered more often here)

#11 Re: English Forum » From Pleiades To Earth - Experience of an ET.pdf » 2022-09-05 01:11:23

Ok... let's all take a breather.
Names have been called, accusations have been made, passions are high.

Hard to not get personal when passions are high (I've done it) but let's all attempt to disagree respectfully.
(perhaps we can all reflect on how we were personally triggered, what caused us to become defensive and what we may have done to fuel the fire and provoke others, with a view to approaching the same situation differently next time).

Loving the passion!... not so much the attacks smile
Peace y'all x

#12 Re: English Forum » Silver Legion » 2022-09-01 03:26:45

Jupiter wrote:

Oh come on! What do you mean where is the alert. smile The alert is everything that she's saying in that section.

If it's not an alert for you then it's not, but it still is for me. I recommend to everyone that resonates with this disclosure to save themselves some time and watch that section first and then decide if they want to invest more time and energy with the Silver Legion.

What I read on the site didn't raise any alarms, it looked at first that this may be another badass warrior group and it could be another ally like the Karistus, but I happened to click on that video and once I reached that section it all went down hill from there haha smile

And sorry to microvirus for not taking this seriously and derailing the thread a bit but I just can't after she said all that. Haha I seriously thought that the info on the site looked promising but the way it went downhill so quickly is so funny to me LOL big_smile I thought we were gonna talk about karma and then bam! The Pleiadians are garbage. hahaha LOL big_smile

Never apologise for bringing more light to the subject. I introduced Anthony to the forum sometime back and we all know how that turned out LOL

#13 Re: English Forum » From Pleiades To Earth - Experience of an ET.pdf » 2022-09-01 03:14:14

Kahi Harawira wrote:

It isn't how it works Crystal Dragon.
It isn't what is being done but rather, “the way it is being done”

The one who reaches down to assist another pathetic helpless soul, leads by example.
The one who reaches up demanding their wishes be granted, is only leading himself.

“There is nothing to liberate, only minds, consciousnesses, but those same minds and consciousnesses are the ones that in turn, create control or protection mechanisms so that others cannot even begin to introduce concepts with a view to breaking out of this self-generated loop of self-destruction.” (abridged)

In my own life the more that I learn the more isolated I become from the rest of the society around me. To the point that I now refuse to participate in anyone else's self manifesting nightmare no matter what it is.

But personally, I think we are winning the war.
Joining the battle for earth seems to be the best approach at this time because if they kill you, you win and they lose.
And they most dearly do not want you to win.
Its a playground. Enjoy

"Its a playground. Enjoy"
Yes! This is the realisation one eventually comes to. Earths hell realms are loud and in your face (and have a somewhat hypnotic effect). Earths heaven realms are not so obvious and tend to appear in direct relation to shadow-work done and soul fragments retrieved. It's not something I talk about much but I experience those realms on a regular basis. It is possible to go from hellish torment to some kind of liberation. It's a work in progress and I still have much to resolve but I no longer hate myself and the world I live in (because the two are entirely connected). I see earth as the most accelerated and in-your-face self development workshop in the local cluster where massive change can happen! I've seen it and witnessed in others over and over.

A book I highly recommend for anyone struggling with their shadow, is The Completion Process by Teal Swan. We are a multi-traumatised species and no-one knows about healing and integrating trauma like Teal does!

#14 Re: English Forum » From Pleiades To Earth - Experience of an ET.pdf » 2022-09-01 02:54:13

Crystal Dragon wrote:

Maybe it really is frustrating and painful for them. Maybe they just can't see an obvious solution or way out. Still, in the end, if everything fails, they have the luxury of going home and enjoying their lives. The vast majority of starseeds do not have that luxury, and since they stopped contact with starseeds and extractions since 2019 or so, it's hard to see a way out. Maybe things will change, and solutions will be found, but the current trajectory and policies paint an ugly picture. I just sincerely hope that each starseed will be able to find something worth living for while the world burns around us, and we are left without any help from our home worlds.

What I expect is for them to support their own and other closely aligned starseeds. They know who we are. Just because a bunch of sheep on FB weren't interested in making contact doesn't mean that the ones who could really benefit from it should go without. We need answers about who we are, what we are even still doing here, what kind of future we could have, our immersion status, and some of us wish to be extracted, or at least know that there is a safety net in place of immersion and possible extraction if things become unlivable. We don't want to be left behind to go down with a sinking ship, and we don't need a bunch of unanswered questions hanging over us every day.

There may even be a point at which, yes, they need to bring in a strong fleet and take military action against the cabal. These people in their underground bases don't even technically exist in the minds of average humans, so destroying them isn't even invading. They need to figure out a way to send destructive frequencies to counter and repurpose the nanographene as well. Genocide must not be allowed.

Perhaps you came here to forget all of that. Perhaps this is a lesson in trust. Most of all, trust in yourself.
Can you be airdropped into a hell realm with full amnesia and still retain your starseed nature, your integrity, your composure? Just as important, can you influence and assist others to do the same?

Also, the way we perceive the world we live in is purely a reflection of our internal state. Deal with the shadow within and your world will change to match your vibration.

#15 Re: English Forum » Silver Legion » 2022-09-01 02:04:24

Some extra context for Tanaath of Silver Legion.

She has been interviewed a couple of times by 'Tolec of the Andromedan Council' (an affiliate of Alfred Webre).

Gosia did a video addressing Webre and Tolec here:

Tolec claims Gosia is channeling Rashell of Temmer (a claim Webre perpetuates) so not the most trustworthy sources. They both have it in for the Taygetans.

I've been listening to snippets from various interviews with her. When asked where most of the Silver Legion come from she claimed she couldn't answer that because "most come from other universes" or "universes most would consider fictional" (that makes no sense to me whatsoever). They were presented in another interview as "liberating humanity" and as "LightWarriors". Sounds psy-opey to me.

#16 Re: English Forum » From Pleiades To Earth - Experience of an ET.pdf » 2022-09-01 00:57:43

Crystal Dragon wrote:

Thanks for posting, but 4:44 on my computer's clock as I say that I've seen this explanation before in its entirety, and I do not completely agree with it. The situation may be complicated, but it needs to change and to change fast. At first, the Taygetans were willing to push the envelope and take drastic measures towards making a real change here, and whether or not the outcome of that would be favorable, they at least wished to make contact with and look after their own starseeds.

Now they are just another race like all of the others who observe and will let Earth fall to ruin if that is what comes of it. They will let the suffering continue on for as long as it continues on. Most of all, they will throw their own starseeds under the bus and let us go down with a burning, sinking ship, even though they said themselves that starseeds cannot be blamed for the manifestations of humanity, because we get dragged along with a destiny we simply don't want and didn't ask for. They see this clearly and can articulate it, yet they will do nothing to fix it.

Somehow, they just went hard over and threw all of their original idealism out the window and adopted a deeply flawed and cynical line of thinking instead, and now starseeds, including their own, have to pay the price of our sacrifice being thrown away and meaning nothing. We could have had a first contact scenario 2010-2025, but now the most likely outcome is mass depopulation and no contact, no 5d Earth within our lifetimes, if ever.

In this regard, the Taygetans have just resigned themselves to being another compliant piece in the overall dynamic that continues to facilitate rather than alleviate the problem here. It's like a wall that won't budge, and now they have put down the sledgehammer and become just another brick cemented into this unmoving wall that keeps everything fucked up on Earth, mindlessly playing a role dictated by the same line of bad coding/flawed thinking that has taken over the federation. They had a chance to be different and they threw it away. I'm not trying to be confrontational or subversive. I wish I didn't have to be. Lifetime after lifetime, always forced to be the dissenter, the rebel. I'm just sharing my honest views on this.

What exactly do you expect the Taygetans to do Dragon? Come in with guns blazing?

#17 Re: English Forum » From Pleiades To Earth - Experience of an ET.pdf » 2022-08-31 23:31:33

Such an interesting transcript in so many ways
Thanks for posting Jupiter!

#18 Re: English Forum » Silver Legion » 2022-08-31 23:30:33

Scott Summers wrote:
DarkOwl wrote:
Jupiter wrote:

Ms Jupiter?!! I thought I made it very clear that Jupiter is a very manly masculine male name. Stupid Jupiter Ascending! People thought I was female with the Vega name now they are going to do the same with Jupiter...

I was waiting for that big_smile


That’s not moderation. That’s entrapment. Lol.

I'm seriously thinking we may need to implement a pronoun policy here. Misgendering a titan like Jupiter could have serious consequences for the solar system lol

#19 Re: English Forum » Silver Legion » 2022-08-31 23:09:05

Jupiter wrote:

Ms Jupiter?!! I thought I made it very clear that Jupiter is a very manly masculine male name. Stupid Jupiter Ascending! People thought I was female with the Vega name now they are going to do the same with Jupiter...

I was waiting for that big_smile

#20 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-08-31 06:42:25

mitkobs wrote:

DarkOwl these are not really commandments but advices and guidance. Source do not give commands. People have to be reasonable and flexible depending on the situations.

I guess that's what I was trying to say smile

I like the maxim "do no harm" but as this is unrealistic, prefer "do the least harm possible". I once had to kill a dog to protect a herd of pregnant young heifers (and it wasn't a wild dog either). A diabolical situation I would wish on no-one but there I was hmm
Sometimes doing the least harm possible involves doing that which would otherwise be abhorrent.

Love this ❤️

mitkobs wrote:

Jim Stav, for me Source knows everything, all is in full control and perfect in every way. Most devious, regressive, disgusting and destructive expressions are part of the Source, fully integrated and on its place of functioning. Everything is in order and self adjusting perfectly to any unusual changes. Some parts of the Source that are out of order are always under destruction, turning into potential energy and something new arising from them.

#21 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-08-31 04:12:24

mitkobs wrote:

Morality in my opinion is the best defined by 10 commandments. And the whole human law in all countries of the world is based on the 10 commandments. 10 commandments have to be reviewed very closely and thoroughly not be understood wrongly. They are coded info. I can reduce them to 3 essential ones. Not to kill, not to steal and not to lie. If people can do that they can make a holistic society in the complicated conditions of 3D. In general this holistic society is unrealistic now and not going to happen for the majority of the people. They will continue to lie and steal and some continue to kill. And very small number of people that are the elite in the spiritual sense are aligned totally with these principles and no matter how challenging the life may become they will stand unshaken within. The whole world is possible because there are such people who are unshakable and firm in their ideas. All good that we see and benefit in our daily lives is because there are such people here and beyond this reality and above in the Ethereal side of life.

The trouble with morality is that it's static and sooner or later reality is going to bend in such a way that it's challenged.
If our ancestors truly believed "thou shalt not kill", none of us would be here. When physical threats to ones safety arise, morality tends to fly out the window. If it's a kill or be killed moment (something most people alive today haven't had to face), the right thing to do, the only thing to do, generally comes into sharp relief (unless your gunning for the Darwin Awards haha)

#22 Re: English Forum » Mod help needed » 2022-08-30 22:46:43

I'm very happy to now have 07wideeyes as fellow moderator! (thank-you for agreeing brother!)
Wideeyes has been a longstanding member here and consistently contributing thoughtful, insightful content throughout (often with a much appreciated sense of humour). He clearly cares about this place and the people in it and has a great deal of respect and love for the Taygetans and Swaruunians. I'm sure most of you reading this will agree he will make an excellent mod doing exactly what he already does... helping to keep the field we are building here charged with positivity, mutual respect and loving high vibes! x

Thanks once again wideeyes! smile

#23 Re: English Forum » The Essential Guide to Spiritual Groups. » 2022-08-30 22:07:41

Jupiter wrote:

Thank you DarkOwl. smile

(Who is Jove?)

Jove is another word for Jupiter. 'By Jove' is a very old term that is an expression of exclamation and emphasis. smile

#24 Re: English Forum » The Essential Guide to Spiritual Groups. » 2022-08-30 00:10:42

Just noticed you let us know you were once Vega, in your tagline.
So good to have you back... by Jove! smile
(Jupiter suits you better... good choice!... I loved Jupiter Ascending... might watch it again sometime soon)

#25 Re: English Forum » The Essential Guide to Spiritual Groups. » 2022-08-29 22:54:56

There's some great points in this document that any community could benefit from.
The section on Mystical Etiquette has some great points for contact with non-human beings but transfer well to contact with other humans as well.
Thanks smile

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