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#1 Re: English Forum » What would trigger the Overseers to take action? » 2022-10-28 03:38:09

Colins wrote:

Let me rephrase what I was originally trying to ask:

(1)    For a world whose inhabitants are developing in consciousness and spirituality, any advance civilization should not interfere with its own development.
(2)    However, when highly-evolved benevolent races have observed that a similarly advanced off-world civilization/s with nefarious intents dominate, control or exploit the ‘free-will’ of the inhabitants of a planet to its advantage, and abuse the natural evolution of a specie, in this case, humanity and cause its detrimental and eventual annihilation and that of their world, without the latter being completely aware of such atrocities except for a few who misrepresented the human race, it is innate and natural for benevolent civilization/s and highly evolved consciousness and beings to act against these dark hats and expel them off planet and remove all its influence to protect the natural evolution and progression of the inhabitants.  Their philanthropic work and form of ‘voluntary assistance’ does not have to be divulged to humanity to preserve the evolution of the race unless a clear and present danger exists.

Please note that what we are interested in understanding is, when do or what will trigger the highly-evolved benevolent races to act and assist, on their own volition, when they see a planet or its inhabitants at a clear disadvantage or at a high risk of extinction?  Is there a galactic or universal policy or law even as to when to act accordingly? 

And I would like to know from the Taygetans and Swaruunians if the earth and humanity fall within the context explained in the 2nd paragraph.

The things that you have been expressing make perfect sense, but you will not get thoughtful and emotionally intelligent replies from those who have let themselves be manipulated and conditioned with false "spiritual" sophistry into believing that the oppression of humanity is somehow wanted and necessary for their learning and growth. These deluded, obsequious followers have given up whatever sense of principles and ethics may have originally come from their inner wisdom and heart and outsourced their sense of ethics and guiding principles to an external authority, that being the asinine sophistry of "5d beings", real or fabricated.

Nothing needs to "get clearer" to you after listening to such drivel. Don't accept it. You started this thread thinking clearly, with your heart in the right place.

#2 Re: English Forum » The vegan video » 2022-10-27 10:52:53

The only things that follow absolute and inflexible laws without emotional intelligence and without accounting for the myriad of individual variables in every individual situation are machines. I'd like to think that source is more than a machine. The source I come from is not a machine, and I do not submit to a machine. The demiurge is a machine, and the demiurge itself is not source, although it originates from source like all things do. I do not submit to the demiurge. Forgiveness stops the wheel of karma. Until we can grow meat from cells, we have limited choices if it is a helpful part of a balanced diet. One must forgive oneself, honor the animal, apologize for any suffering, and wish its soul the best. And animals do have souls. They are not "more matrix".

#3 Re: English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-05 00:49:10

Except Sci-fi and fantasy movies, even the most dystopian ones, usually have some sort of win condition for the protagonists. The plot moves along, and shit gets done. If the reality of Earth were a SciFi movie, it would be the most pointless one.

So, I watched the new video today, and nothing has changed for the better. The Andromedans/Viera group aren't even in charge here and nobody knows who is, because there is no transparency within the federation. They all just blindly follow unknown authority. Apparently now, there are even more restrictions on contact because Earth is going through "tribulations" (which the federation themselves are responsible for). It's all fucking insanity.

#4 Re: English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-04 10:07:43

Gosia wrote:

No no, way before that.

Kahi Harawira wrote:

As I understand it, the Federation was formed AFTER the Tiamat incident

Thank you for the clarification, Gosia. 12,500 years or so ago is fairly recent history from a stellar perspective. I had a feeling that the federation was formed much longer ago, and I was going to search through transcripts to check if there is any information about that. I may still do that, just to see.

#5 Re: English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-04 08:41:37

One of the Swaruus recently stated that blaming starseeds for what happens on Earth and saying that they are the ones manifesting it isn't right. Many of us are dragged into experiencing things we don't want to experience and that we are not necessarily a match for just by being here.

I've integrated enough of my own shadows and cultivated enough self-love to know that I deserve to be happy. I know my own principles, ethics, and ideals enough to know that what is going on with this planet is not right.

#6 Re: English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-04 06:56:07

The federation are no better than the reptiles. They are the controllers of what happens here, and they want to maintain their sick game. Imprisoning a population that is comprised of less than 10% regressive beings and over 90% innocent souls doesn't make sense. Those of us who came here from outside came here to liberate Earth, not force a reset and continue this garbage game run by emotionless pieces of shit. Who the fuck is cutting starseeds any slack? The Taygetans put everything on our shoulders, and the federation feels that their little game is threatened when we actually start to succeed, so they try to destroy everything we have worked for rather than allow us to liberate Earth from the inside, like we were supposed to. 5d exopolitics is complete sociopathic idiocy and madness. Nobody who plays by those rules deserves any slack from starseeds who have made huge sacrifices to liberate Earth just for the federation to vehemently oppose us.

#7 Re: English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-04 05:12:43

Kahi Harawira wrote:

As I understand it, the Federation was formed AFTER the Tiamat incident

In which case what I am saying was probably the plan since its very inception-for the emotionless races to dominate and subjugate the emotional ones. The negative faction calling the shots in the federation was probably behind the Tiamat false flag before the federation itself was formed, and the formation of the federation itself as well as the installation of the artificial 3d matrix on Earth was always their plan. The formation of the federation was just a way to control the emotional races and hold them to the same protocols as watchdogs of the matrix system rather than liberators.

#8 Re: English Forum » Ronin » 2022-10-04 05:08:00

HiddenSquid wrote:

Oh please you're as good as dead and I mean completely dead, as in one with God or the Source if you don't have duality. What did you seriously think there was no such thing as duality in "Lyra" before the "Orion Wars"?

Existence itself is duality. All of life since the beginningless eternity of consciousness has been feeding on itself and other life. All life is entropic. Absolutely nothing could happen nor any change befall anything or anyone without what is called entropy.

I'm not saying that duality is inherently negative or unnecessary. You missed my whole point. There is supposed to be a natural balance to duality where evil doesn't become malignant and take everything over. Duality itself can serve a good purpose, or an evil one. Learning and creative expression coming from contrast are positive purposes of duality. Synthetically locking a planet in perpetual 3d so that negative beings can continuously play games and feed off of suffering is evil and a negative use of duality.

#9 Re: English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-04 04:22:36

mitkobs wrote:

Federation was not that well rounded and formed before the Tiamat destruction. Was not so good coordinated and efficient in action and that was one of the reasons why such disaster happened. 

But other thing may be intentional prior, from higher than Federation levels, maybe from soul level that something like destruction of a planet had to happen in order other pressing things to be dealt with accordingly. Thus creating the matrix to trap the negative tulpas in it.

"Trapping" negative tulpas doesn't accomplish anything. There is still plenty of negativity out there, and in a way, it's basically an excuse for 5d beings not to integrate their own shadows if they can just conveniently dump all of their negative manifestations on Earth.

The negative faction that controls the federation organized these things to happen to their advantage in order to subjugate emotional races. That is what is apparent here.

#10 English Forum » Tiamat False-Flag and the Federation's Master Plan: Lyran Subjugation » 2022-10-04 03:44:57

Crystal Dragon
Replies: 58

Here is my theory. Tiamat was a false flag. The corrupt dominant faction that currently sways federation policy was behind this. The 3d matrix was never a "fix" to try and rehabilitate humanity. Creating this sick game was the intent of these forces within the federation from the beginning, and they purposefully created a false flag and perpetrated the destruction of Tiamat in order to install their 3d matrix and create their little concentration camp. These beings abhor emotionality and wish to strip it from Lyran beings by traumatizing them with this game and reprogramming them towards mental disciplinarianism. They wish to undermine Lyran-based emotional civilizations within their own ranks.

Joining with them under the same organizational structure of the federation has always just been a way to control them and peer-pressure them like they have done to the Taygetans. They tricked them into attacking Tiamat, and now they pressure them into playing by federation rules to stop them from helping humanity. The Taygetans leaving the federation just makes them outsiders, but they are still forced to follow federation rules when conducting themselves in this solar system. They are ostracized, but still held captive.

I am sure that the federation are also behind the cabal attempts to invade Taygeta. The federation controls the cabal, and having Taygeta taken over by the cabal would conveniently eliminate an annoying source of dissent, and put Taygeta completely under federation control through their cabal puppets. After that, they would no longer challenge the federation from within or from without. This is a covert war waged by emotionless imperialists against the children of Lyra. Their plan is de-Lyranization of the federation and subjugation or elimination of emotional races.

The Taygetans should realize this and see what is really going on here. This is not just "exopolitics". This is not just a difference of opinion. This is imperialism. This is tyranny. This is war. "Covert" war is being waged against them and against humanity.

#11 Re: English Forum » Ronin » 2022-10-04 03:24:31

07wideeyes wrote:

Thank you, Crystal Dragon, for your heart-warming and inspirational post. It has been a great tonic for me today. In terms of your overall approach, you can count me in!

'Souls come to Earth for the experience.' 'Earth is needed as a place of intense suffering for the wholeness of the Universe'. We are very familiar with this kind of thinking. Today I would like to call it out as nonsense, and justificatory bullshit.

If you need suffering as part of learning, there is plenty on planet Earth in a more 'normal' state, without the extra layer of relentless beating that humanity takes at the hands of the cabal and its associates. Illness, growing old, dying; the same for loved ones. Accidents, the pain of getting things wrong and inadvertently hurting others. Let-downs, betrayals, your lover going off with the neighbour. There is more than enough suffering to learn from without the extra thick treacley layer of convid, fake wars, manufactured economic and food crises blah blah blah, which seem to dominate on the collective level at present.

Ones attitude here has deep consequences. In the 'Come to Earth for the experience' scenario, what occurs here is taken as 'natural', 'normal'. It's kind-of OK. I do not see these excesses as natural or normal at all. They are aberrant, artificial constructs imposed on (an already artificial) matrix.

As described by John Lamb Lash, the Gnostics were onto the same phenomena long ago. They talked about the archons (roughly equivalent to what we sometimes term AI) as impostors on the scene. They are not part of the natural order of things, but are negative parasitical inserts. They are humanity's enemy.

Gnostic metaphysics I find tricky to understand. But significantly they speak of a 'two-source duality' in the Universe. 'Good' and 'evil' do not come from the same source, they say. Humans commit 'error', but it morphs into something else, which we call 'evil', as a consequence of another influence, that of inorganic hive mind archons. 'Good' and 'error' emanate from God, as the Gnostics term it. But 'evil' is the result of something else, related to how Gaia/Sophia fell from the heavenly aeons. For their pains, the Gnostics were hunted down to extinction by various early Christian groups, for whom, of course, good and evil both come from God.

So the more psychopathic qualities on Earth are aberrations. And I agree with you, that personal detachment from them is the way to go.

I am very familiar with Gnosticism, and there is a lot of truth in it. Originally, Gnosticism sees the Demiurge, or basically the logos of this universe, the AI system that scripts all of the rules and aspects of the perceptible universe as fallen and negative, the highest archon. In a way, that is correct, but oversimplified. The Demiurge is not source itself, it is more like the intelligence that sets the parameters of the experiential universe. the Valentinian Gnosticism sees the original Demiurge as responsible for duality, or as you said, good and error, but as generally positive. The corrupt Demiurge, or the devil, is like a parallel version or negative tulpa which is the corrupt version of the Demiurge, representing evil that goes beyond error. Within the parameters of the original logos, duality in the sense of good and error has a positive purpose. The corrupt Demiurge represents evil, the use of duality to perpetuate itself in an entropic manner.

A civilization making its mistakes, experiencing duality, and evolving from 3d to 5d in a natural manner would be following the script of the original logos. Keeping a civilization in 3d by an artificial matrix and continuous resets to provide a game would be following the script of the devil/archons. The federation are willing servants of the archons/devil/corrupt Demiurge.

#12 English Forum » Ronin » 2022-09-29 03:37:16

Crystal Dragon
Replies: 19

It isn't easy to find the right words to explain this, and I can't imagine that many would understand. I am going through a process of detachment, but not as most would understand the term. I am not detaching from myself in an ascetic manner. I am not detaching from my desires, my beliefs, or my emotions, although sometimes my emotions burn me out so much that I find myself sometimes feeling numb or trying to ignore them temporarily. On the contrary, I am following those things. Neither am I detaching myself from true source or from empathy and understanding of other-selves. I am detaching myself from this rotten, ugly, heartless, artless, backwards, and insane "game" that permeates our Earth and galactic experience on at very least a 3-5d level.

I am unbinding myself from the parameters of this game, and any obligations or contracts to play a specified role in it by its rules. The only soul contracts and pre-incarnative plans I will still honor are those that lead to my personal fulfillment and happiness both within this incarnation and beyond. Liberating myself and living how I want is the most effective way to even begin to attempt to liberate Earth. I renounce and relinquish any soul contracts or pre-incarnative plans involving harsh lessons and/or heavy sacrifice. Such things are not necessary for my personal growth, and do not help the human collective, neither in its 3d state or expanded 5d Lyran-human state.

Even the Taygetans still play by the "rules" of this distorted game. They still play by the federation's rules. The very parameters of these rules provide no win condition for the liberation of humanity. That is not within the blueprint of the design of the game. The design of the game is to perpetuate misery and duality in a way that skews both the light and dark aspects towards mental discipline devoid of empathy or artistry. It is a borgification of "light" and "darkness". It is an ugly canvas that leaves no room for true expression of the heart. Within the parameters of the game, darkness is a possessing force that zombifies those who ascribe to it, making them materialistic, entropic parasites devoid of empathy. Within these same parameters, "light" is but an ascetic, mentalist-disciplinarian, entropic dogma that burns out the so-called "impurities" of desire, emotion, empathy, and creativity. The distorted darkness and false light are the two pillars that perpetuate this insane, entropic, mechanistic game. This duality game and its parameters have become a tulpa in and of itself, and I wish to detach myself from its influence.

Ideally, without falling into traps of toxic darkness and false light, I believe that the true light in me is about love, empathy, artistry, creativity, joy, and innocence. I believe that the positive purpose for darkness in me is a stubborn safeguard against manipulation, entropy, and corruption of innocence. It is a tool to define healthy boundaries and overcome obstacles, to clear and defend a space in which my ideals and love may flourish. It is a warning alarm when something goes against my ideals.

I am Ronin. I feel that I have no specific allegiance or home in 5d, though I may originally have come from Taygeta to Earth. It remains to be seen, but I do not currently feel that they have any allegiance to me or towards my personal wellbeing, whether or not I am one of them. Until I know for sure, I really can't say with certainty that there's anyone out there in 5d who truly cares about me and considers me more than just expendable to/within the parameters of the "game". Those who would treat me in such a manner do not deserve my allegiance, and their society is not my home. If Taygeta is truly my home and they do care about me, that remains to be seen, but I feel that I cannot count on it with any certainty.

I have found one other starseed who truly reflects my ideals and holds the same beliefs and understandings. The miraculous synchronicities and divine guidance in my life have led me on a very specific path towards simple yet profound happiness and fulfillment against the odds and challenges, to create the bubble reality and life that I want right here in this lifetime.

I hope that the other starseeds out there who feel like I do will find their own way and find what makes them happy and attain and actualize that happiness within this very lifetime, the sooner, the better. I hope that they will be true to who they are and to how they feel rather than shift their ideals and principles to fit the parameters and tides of the "game", or to "fit in" to a community, whether it be a 3d or 5d community. I hope that this "game" and its parameters will succumb to its own entropic nature, and that more heart-centered and beautiful expressions will flourish on this planet, in this solar system, and in this galaxy.

#13 Re: English Forum » What would trigger the Overseers to take action? » 2022-09-25 06:58:23

People need an actual frame of reference. They can't be expected to change their mentality when they are allowed to be stuck with nothing else and never experience anything outside of their shitty, traumatized frame of reference imposed by the cabal. That's not respecting their free will. It's leaving them to be stuck in loops. It's better to offer rehabilitation to a heroin addict then to "respect their free will" by allowing them to just destroy themselves and hope they get it right in their next lifetime. That's just a stupid and cynical mentality that is so devoid of heart activation or empathy.

#14 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-25 06:56:26

mitkobs wrote:

So what is pleasure. It is positive sensual stimulation. It is generally connected with being happy. And we can be happy in many ways, not only with sensual and physical stimulation. When we are happy we are content/satisfied, it is the same. And it is a natural thing to be happy and content and to lean in such direction, to find things that makes us content.
For me sexual stimulation is giving very strong pleasure sense, like nothing else compared. But in the same time can be detrimental to the body-mind if I waste the sexual energy. And because is this intense and incomparable pleasurable experience, sexuality is so addictive and people fall in the trap of its dark passion known as lust.

What is making sexuality in its place, balanced is when shared with someone we truly love and knowing the technics how to prolong the process without losing the energy.

Well, that's true. It's balanced when shared with someone we truly love, and in that case, the pleasure comes from a lot more than just physical stimulation.

#15 Re: English Forum » What would trigger the Overseers to take action? » 2022-09-25 06:35:46

To say that most people "want" this extreme duality is not accurate. They are manipulated and brainwashed, and not acting in accord with their true desires, which for most people is just to be happy. They are manifesting what they have been programmed to manifest. If they would realize that, they would stop, but they can't realize it if they are never given a frame of reference. A heroin addict doesn't truly want to be a heroin addict. They are addicted to something that's bad for them because they don't see any alternative. When they were a child, do you think they said "I want to be a heroin addict when I grow up"?

Trauma is what made them make that choice. Rehabilitating them isn't breaching their free will, it's giving them their free will back. Intervention to remove the cabal parasites and help humanity wouldn't breaching their free will, it would be giving it back. They aren't acting out of free will or what they really want. They are acting from trauma and programing, which is what the parasites want. Non-intervention doesn't respect their free will and desires at all. It only supports and respects the desires of the parasites. Saying that humans actually want this is just more gaslighting, and it doesn't help anybody but the cabal and regressives.

#16 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-25 01:53:03

To me, sex does not only serve the single purpose of reproduction and the pleasure is just there as an incentive just to encourage animals and undeveloped 3d beings to procreate. Saying that is like a combination between a materialist scientific perspective that sees everyone as animals, so the pleasure is a built-in behaviorist reward incentive to get them to procreate, and a medieval perspective that procreation is divine, but pleasure is not. Procreation is one purpose. The other purpose is the connection and pleasure itself. Pleasure based on love is not sinful and not a vain or frivolous pursuit. When two people love each other, pleasure and connectedness and showing love is important. That's what hugs, kisses, and physical intimacy in general are for. Sexuality is just another extension of that, and that's why it is pleasurable, as an expression of love and intimacy. This is why in 5d, women have greater control over their reproductive capabilities, because sexuality does not automatically have to be about reproduction.

Divine and loving sexuality for the sake of pleasure and intimacy is different from pure physical lust that is detached from love and only satisfies the physical senses. That's why more advanced people and cultures have a natural tendency towards monogamy, because the flow of love and intimacy is strongest and best when it is between two people who love each other and not diluted and distorted with polyamory.

#17 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-24 05:13:47

mitkobs wrote:

Intimacy is something sacred for all highly evolved humans like Taygeta. It is something between two people, man and woman. It is love relationship, real love, when people are close and similar in mind and attracted to each other.

I agree 100%.

#18 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-24 04:25:18

mitkobs wrote:

In astral plane of Earth there are no Taygetans but there are many who present themselves like Pleiadians. They are not real Pleiadians but impostors and deceivers of all kind. So it is wise not to trust info received from the astral. Debauchery is not part of any spiritual and highly moral society. In astral and here in 3D they try to make it normal. Debauchery is a form of corruption of the soul.

This sounds more likely. While I'm sure that the Taygetans could connect with starseeds in the astral if they wanted, the chances are at least as likely that such an experience would be deception and manipulation by impostor beings. The group sex thing really seems to conflict with the official disclosure's information about Taygetan relationships. They didn't outright say it, as far as I know, but the context is there that they don't find any value in having multiple partners.

To me, it's just common sense and good ethics that sexual energy transfer and romantic interest should be between two devoted partners, and having anyone else in the mix diminishes and distorts this energy and messes up the whole flow and circuitry, making it something wasteful, draining, and corrupted.

#19 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-24 03:59:50

Masterbertani89 wrote:

I can personally confirm from my own astral experiences with my taygetan twinflame. They are into anything sexual. I have had many different sexual experiences in the astral with my tiwnflame. The astral sex transcends anything I have experienced in the physical. I am only 22 years old, and I have learnt to devot myself to my twinflame. I often deny myself the pleasure of masturbation and save myself for my astral encounters with my twinfalme. I can meditate up to 2 and a half hours and have orgasams while in the astral and don't even realise untill I am conscious of the physical realm once im awake from my meditation. I can also say from my experiences in the astral realm that they are into some kinky things which I myself have not been ready for being at such a young age and have had to learn to expect these things, such things include group sex which is possible in the etheric realm and anal intercourse. Which you could imagine for yourself and would personally not like to express and keep to myself. But most deinfaly into some kinky things.

Interesting. The official disclosure and what they have mentioned about relationships seems to suggest that the Taygetans would not be interested in polyamory or group sex one bit. Something isn't quite adding up, from my perspective.

#20 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-20 13:16:34

And others yet see things from the perspective of guard-dogs of the matrix system, who wish there to be neither rescuers or rescued, but only continuation of their retarded game until all of the emotionality is burnt out from the children of Lyra and we all become emotionless slaves to a false paradigm of spirituality based on entropy and nihilism. This place is a concentration camp created by emotionless races at the time of their false-flag destruction of Tiamat to imprison the children of Lyra in their false lunar matrix and strip them all of their connection to true source, by imposing a false-idol source that does not value love and happiness but only discipline, detachment, and entropic destruction of the self rather than natural integration of the self with the whole.

#21 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-20 10:30:40

mitkobs wrote:

No one is completely happy even in 5D. Such thing is not possible until we are back and one with Source.

Every starseed decide for themselves to incarnate or not. You may not like it now, but cannot forbid others to come if they want. When you live in 5D you will see things entirely different not so from egoistic POV and will have other desires and things to do.

Imagine life that is completely secured, nothing to worry about, no need to earn money to survive every day, all that you want is easily possible and available. You can go everywhere where people in 5D usually go in Space and galaxy. All this is something like a everyday normal reality for you. Maybe with having all that much people want something different, something difficult and challenging but they had done there all possible that is challenging and difficult. Then what. I guess they try to find new things, and really challenging and dangerous things.

This game is stupid. It's so unbalanced towards pain that it's small and limiting. There is no excitement and exploration here, just endless cycles of abuse. Creating drama for entertainment is immature. The entire "value" of such an experience is based on moral relativism, something that you denounce as a satanic principle in one breath and defend in another.

#22 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-20 09:26:22

mitkobs wrote:

Earth is all timelines. It is 5D and 12D all D, but this 3D is something actual and functional even when is artificially created. Normies are happy living here, look at them on the streets, going on with their daily lives not suspecting what things are going on. They will not understand anything of what we talk here. For them this is going in their subconscious and unconscious.

These days, even most "normies" are not happy. They pretend to be, but they are not. They are depressed, angry, antisocial, and they can't even begin to understand the aspects of life that are making them this way. They know something is not right but can't begin to contemplate their oppression. Never in recent history have there been so many people just flipping out and going crazy, murdering each other over stupid shit, normalizing antisocial behaviors and principles. It's just as real for them, but the "why" of it remains suppressed in their subconscious.

Starseeds were tricked in to coming here thinking we would make a difference, when the federation's plan was never liberation, but continued tyranny. If this is how it's going to be, all starseeds should leave and never come back. Races like the Taygetans should extract their remaining starseeds and never return. This place doesn't need us here to keep on being a worthless hellhole. It can do that just fine without us.

#23 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-20 08:57:00

mitkobs wrote:

But again how do you know that the system is not working. We do not have the data how many souls have been reformed. And how many as number need to go through this reformation. Imagine for how many people this thing is crucial and they will not find better way to cope in other conditions.

Infinite timelines of Earth will always be there. They can always continue to incarnate into a variety of timelines where Earth is still in 3d. We don't need to force Earth back to 3d through resets for so long in a single timeline at the expense of so many humans and starseeds who want liberation. The federation on this timeline wants to keep killing all of the good people who want liberation so they can keep resetting a single timeline of Earth and keep it in perpetual 3d for their very questionable motives of "reform" for certain souls. Why not let the cabal be the ones to die off and reincarnate somewhere else to get what they need?

Also, I smell a false flag with Tiamat. I bet that the corrupted forces within the federation always wanted to make Earth a 3d prison of suffering that feeds loosh to vampiric beings, so they created a false flag and tricked their own soldiers, including the Taygetans, into destroying Tiamat with the intention all along to install their fake moon and 3d matrix. All of this is wrong, and stinks of high level regressivism.

#24 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-20 08:46:25

mitkobs wrote:

You only see the current developments, but what is going on when the controllers die and the unruly die and then incarnate again. Do you know for sure they are the same who incarnate in the same privilege families. I think they change and roles are changed in the complete opposite. After very lavish full of pleasure life come a restricted devoid of pleasures and ease life.

We've had over 10,000 years of this already. If this system worked, things would be different. Earth is ready to be liberated and experience something besides suffering. If some souls still need to learn, send them to a new 3d experience or an alternate timeline of Earth's past once again. There are so many good people and starseeds who shouldn't have to continue to get fucked like this. Also, simply continuing to bounce souls back and forth between destructive extremes of being screwed no matter how good they are and rewarded no matter how bad they are won't help. They need a variety of experience.

Real morals integrate empathy and emotionality with ethics and logic. When there is no value placed on emotions, there will always be a lack of balance that leads directly to moral relativism.

#25 Re: English Forum » The four main tenets of Satanism » 2022-09-20 08:39:23

mitkobs wrote:

About the starseeds testing themselves in hard conditions of 3D - this is of secondary importance why they incarnate here, to have some additional and personal meaning if the main mission cannot be accomplished. Have to find all kind of meaning when being down here.

Subjecting oneself to needless torture does not equate to meaning, and "secondary missions", even if there were any truth to it, do not negate the fact that the primary mission of starseeds is to help liberate Earth, and that the federation's moral relativism has caused them to be the adversary of their very own starseeds, and the adversary of Earth's liberation. Deciding that everyone on Earth, including starseeds, needs extreme suffering to learn instead of liberation...well, that's just more moral relativism, not to mention insane and heartless.

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